Commercial Advertising

2017-07-20 13:52:23
1. By using the sensory controlling system, it can manipulate the  brightness accordingly  as the  lighting change of indoor and outdoor, saving energy to reduce your operating costs greatly.
2. High refresh rate and high gray make the picture more realistic, which meets the demand of high visual quality of commercial usage.
3.The advertising contents can be changed at any time, for different customers and various advertisements.
4. With dual hot spare function, two computers can control one screen, and when one computer has problem, the other computer can replace automatically to ensure the normal work.
5.With high efficient optical fiber transmission system, it can reduce signal delay caused by long transmission distance, which ensure the consistency of the display.
6.You can control all display information by remote network, and change the screen information by clicking the mouse, in order to achieve the network clustering of urban and regional ads.
7.It supports network control function, allowing you to control the displays of several cities in one place to change the contents at any time.
8. With environmental monitoring systems, you can know the display operation anytime, anywhere.
9. With multi-function card, it can turn on and turn off the screen by software timing or manually at any time, achieving unattended function
LED Display-related Accessiories